Citizen BL1140-53A Gents Eco-Drive Infinitum watch with Perpetual Calendar


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Citizen BL1140-53A Gents Eco-Drive Infinitum watch with Perpetual

Citizen BL1140-53A Gents Eco-Drive Infinitum watch with Perpetual

Citizen has taken a giant leap forward in extending the running time of
Eco-Drive light-powered watches. Eco-Drive INFINITUM runs for approximately five
years on a full charge, and features a perpetual calendar accurate through
February 28, 2100. Until now, the longest an Eco-Drive model can operate for on
a full charge has been 1.3 years.

Eco-Drive INFINITUM utilizes the fact that its light energy cell, which
converts light into electricity, also acts as a light sensor. When it detects
that the watch has not been exposed to light for a certain length of time, the
watch’s functions begin to shut down. This saves power and extends operating

First, the second hand stops; then, after several days, the hour and minute
hands, together with the calendar. Three separate motors control these
functions. In the meantime, the movement’s integrated circuit keeps track of the
correct time and date. When the watch is once more exposed to light, the hands
and date immediately resume their correct positions.

In effect, the watch shuts down when its owner goes to sleep, and wakes up
again when its owner does. For users, this means a watch that will run for an
extended length of time from a full charge.
At the same time that Citizen has incorporated these impressive power saving
functions, it has also reduced the energy requirements of the movement and
improved the watch’s power capacity. As a result, Eco-Drive INFINITUM will
remain operational for up to five years (ladies’ model two years) from a full

  • Eco-Drive Quartz movement.
  • Charges in Sunlight or Indoors. No Batteries to Change.
  • 5 Years Power Reserve.
  • Perpetual Calendar Automatically Adjusts for Odd and Even Months and Leap
    Years through 2100.
  • Date feature at the 3 o’clock hour.
  • Low Charge Indicator.
  • Mineral glass.
  • WR 30m
  • Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet.
  • Dimensions: FOR MEN.

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